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Founded in 2004, the Mapping-Tools.Com website is the largest online marketplace for Caliper® Maptitude® and Microsoft® MapPoint® tools and add-ins. Most of our tools and add-ins are published by Winwaed Software Technology LLC, who are also the owners of this site. As you do not have to deal with a 'middle man', this ensures a quick response to customer support requests.

If you are unfamiliar with Caliper's Maptitude GIS system, we have a How to use Maptitude section with overview pages, case studies, and articles.

Our Maptitude products are listed on the Maptitude Tools page, and include mileage calculators (MileCharter for Maptitude and MPMileage for Maptitude).

Table of distances created with MileCharter

Similarly, we have a How to use Microsoft MapPoint section with overview pages, documentation, case studies, and articles about MapPoint. MapPoint was the main desktop product in the range of mapping software and services offered by Microsoft, but has now been withdrawn from sale. Our MapPoint products are listed on the MapPoint Tools page.

We have also produced a super-fast route calculation system called Ultra Mileage. Ultra Mileage includes a version of MileCharter, and we have started to port MPMileage. Ultra MileCharter is capable of calculating ~1000 routes per second, and does not require a host application. It currently uses OpenStreetMap road data, meaning it can work with roads in any country in the world.

Custom Programming

We are no longer available for customization of Maptitude or MapPoint.