The following tools and templates for Microsoft MapPoint are available from Mapping-Tools.Com. They are listed in alphabetical order. We also have this list arranged by category.

We also have a similar list of Tools for Maptitude.


Table of distances between some major European cities

Do you need to calculate large numbers of route distances, travel times, or route costs between many locations in Microsoft MapPoint? For example, you might need to calculate the costs to charge your customers by servicing them from particular specific. Or perhaps you need a distance table like that found in a road atlas?

If so, then MPMileCharter can solve your problems. MPMileCharter is designed to batch-calculate mileage tables and charts in Microsoft MapPoint. Output can be in the form of distances, travel times, and/or cost estimates. All of Microsoft MapPoint's routing options are supported, including automated rest stops and overnight stays. MPMileCharter can also report only the closest destinations, or those that are within a specific distance or travel time. The resulting tables can be written to a Microsoft Excel workbook, or a text file.

See the MPMileCharter pages for further details and a free trial download.


MPCluster for MapPoint

MPCluster is a cluster analysis tool for Microsoft MapPoint. MPCluster finds clusters (groups) in MapPoint datasets. MPCluster supports most dataset types, but is typically used with pushpin sets or shaded area datasets. Cluster sizes can be determined in a number of ways including minimum/maximum number of component data points, and maximum cluster radius. The results can be drawn as map annotation or written out to Microsoft Excel. MPCluster also provides a number of options to manage existing cluster annotation.

See the MPCluster pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPCluster has a minimum requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.0, and Microsoft MapPoint 2006.


MPExporter exports accessible data from your Microsoft MapPoint map to KML (for map annotation), SVG (for a drawing application), or an interactive web map. MPExporter can export datasets, pushpins, routes, and shapes. It can also export some shaded area datasets as a collection of shapes.

See the MPExporter pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPExporter has a minimum requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.0, and Microsoft MapPoint 2006.


MPMileage for MapPoint

MPMileage is a batch mileage computation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. Unlike MileCharter, MPMileage works as a standalone program that reads point-to-point routes from a database. Results are written to the same database. Supported databases include Microsoft Access, ODBC connections, and Microsoft Excel.

MPMileage supports all of MapPoint's routing options. Start and end locations can be specified using pushpins, street addresses, or geographic coordinates. It can also take advantage of modern multi-core PCs for greatly improved processing speeds.

See the MPMileage pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPMileage has a minimum requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.0, and Microsoft MapPoint 2006.


MPSuperShape for MapPoint

MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (and later). It allows you to combine shapes, find overlaps between shapes, and to import / export shapes using a number of different formats. Possible applications include:

See the MPSuperShape pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPSuperShape has a minimum requirement of MapPoint 2006 and .NET 4.0.

MPRouteWriter & MPRouteReader

Do you have problems importing or exporting route waypoints whilst maintaining their order? MPRouteWriter solves these problems by exporting waypoints to Excel in route order. Waypoints are cross-referenced with pushpins, allowing all pushpin data fields to be exported.

MPRouteWriter includes 'MPRouteReader'. This is a new add-in that does the opposite. Ie. you can create a route from pushpins in a pre-determined order. This order is specified using a pushpin data field.

See the MPRouteWriter pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Freeware Tools

The following tools are freeware - ie. you do not have to pay to use them beyond a trial period.


The DriveSpeed Add-in adds the ability to enter road speeds as numbers. Microsoft provided this ability in MapPoint 2002 & 2004, but replaced the number entry with sliders in MapPoint 2006.

DriveSpeed was written by Paul Larson and is distributed as freeware.

See the DriveSpeed Add-in page for further details and download options.

Back & Forward Utility

The Back & Forward Utility is an add-in that replaces the back and forward buttons which were removed in Microsoft MapPoint 2009. These buttons allowed a user to move a previous map view, or move forward to the starting map view. Back & Forward Utility implements these operations with new menu entries on the Tools menu. This tool is distributed as freeware and as open source under the Berkeley (BSD) license.

See the Back & Forward Utility pages for further details and download options.

Custom Solutions

If none of the above tools match what you are looking for, then a custom solution may be possible. Contact us and ask if a custom add-in or tool can be written that meets your needs.