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MapPoint 2006 Speed Dialog Box with Sliders

Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006 uses fiver sliders to set the road speeds for the routing engine (see image to the right). Although sliders can be a useful way of setting some parameters, they are of limited use for road speeds. This is because a user usually wants to set a road speed to a specific speed. Unfortunately the slider provides no feedback as to the true road speed setting.

Screenshot of the DriveSpeed Add-in

Paul Larson has written the DriveSpeed Add-in to correct this deficiency. This add-in allows each road speed to be set using the keyboard or using the convenient spin-buttons.

DriveSpeed is distributed as freeware and no license is required for its use.

Download the DriveSpeed Add-in

The DriveSpeed Add-in is available for download as freeware:

NameVersionRelease DateSizeDownload link
DriveSpeed Add-in
(zip archive)
v1 31st Aug. '06 349KB Download Now!

System Requirements: Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006; and the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.4322 (or better).


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