Back & Forward Utility: Move back and forward between Microsoft® MapPoint® Map Views

Good news! The backwards and forwards menu items have been implemented in MapPoint 2010. This means the Back & Forward Utility is ONLY required for MapPoint 2009.

Back&Forward installed on the MapPoint Tools Menu

Earlier versions of Microsoft MapPoint had two buttons that allows a user to move back to a previous map view, or forwards to return to the original map view. However these buttons and matching menu items were removed in MapPoint 2009.

The Back & Forward Utility is a freeware open source utility that implements these two buttons as menu items on the Tools menu. It allows a user to move backwards and forwards amongst different Microsoft MapPoint map views.

The Back & Forward Utility is easy to use. Simply select one of the menu items from the Tools menu if you want to back up to a previous map view, or move forwards again.

The utility is distributed as freeware and open source under the Berkeley (BSD) license. See the download page for download options.

The Back & Forward Utility was used as a basis for an article published at MP2KMag, that shows you how to create a .NET add-in for MapPoint using Visual Studio 2006.

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